Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to Douglas, Georgia!

We’re so glad you decided to take a Coffee break and visit our city! To learn more about Douglas and Coffee County, we’ve designed a little scavenger hunt around downtown! Follow the clues one by one for a taste of some South Georgia fun! Take a picture at each location to be featured on our Facebook page and claim your prize! You will start and end here. Good luck!

  • Your starting point is the Visitor’s Center, located on North Peterson. Follow the smell of donuts and cakes to a place that’s sure to make you grin. The smell of tea-fills and treats fill the air, try not to drool, but feel free to stare!
  • Once you’ve stopped for a sweet treat and shared in some laughter, say “hello” to the soldier whom we are named after. Douglas was chartered as a city in 1897 and now it’s a piece of South Georgia heaven!
  • Cross the street and march on over to the old bank building where the gargoyles hang over. Count the creatures that loom up high, they’re often forgotten by the passerby.
  • Next, you’ll have to search for the brightly colored Shoppes where the merchandise and gifts are Tip Top! They house the dreams of local merchants, so we’re sure you’ll find something you’d like to purchase!
  • Cross the street to where our claim to fame settles, the owner of this restaurant sings with Douglas native, Jennifer Nettles! Not only do they cater, they are masters of southern flavor! While you’re there have a look at the shabby and chic or ask for a table and pick a seat!
  • After your yummy meal, head north to find treasure you can get for a steal! This trove is one of many stops on the Georgia Antique Trail and the perfect spot for a piece of history on sale!
  • You’re on a roll, but don’t stop now! You need to get back to the Visitor’s Center. But how? Continue North on Peterson and make sure you took your pix, because if you didn’t, you’ll be in a fix!
  • Congratulations! You made it back! While you’re waiting for your prize, look at what’s in the racks. More information on Georgia’s treasures. We’ve loved having you in Douglas, it’s been a pleasure!