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General Coffee State Park Invoice# 2005-IMG-005

Choose Coffee for your Next Production!

Coffee County is rich with character, culture, and creativity. Beautiful historic homes line the streets of N Gaskin Avenue to create a picturesque community perfect for any period film or small-town country piece. We are also home to a World War II Flight Training Air Base that houses the only XP-82 that can fly in the WORLD. Our rich history in agriculture paves a beautiful landscape of fields, barns, silos, and greenery. Our historic downtown district is the perfect place to shop and eat with delicious and humble mom-and-pops to serve as a backdrop to our heartwarming community. General Coffee State Park takes you back to a simpler time with log cabin lodging (pictured above), rural surroundings, and historic structures scattered around the base of a network of trails through Georgia pine forest.


Georgia offers the best incentives for the film industry. Since the state government passed a 30% tax credit for production in Georgia, we have become the #1 film location in the country! For more information on the tax incentives provided in Georgia, click here or see theĀ tax incentive brochure here.

Film Producer and Director, Craig Miller of Atlanta, and his Co-Producer, Kit Vinsick, came down to Douglas for some location scouting in 2019. They enjoyed their stay with us so much that they created a fun little video of their adventures here!