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General Coffee State Park Invoice# 2005-IMG-005

Choose Coffee for your Next Production!

Coffee County is rich with character, culture, and creativity. Beautiful historic homes line the streets of N Gaskin Avenue to create a picturesque community perfect for any period film or small-town country piece. We are also home to a World War II Flight Training Air Base that houses the only XP-82 that can fly in the WORLD. Our rich history in agriculture paves a beautiful landscape of fields, barns, silos, and greenery. Our historic downtown district is the perfect place to shop and eat with delicious and humble mom-and-pops to serve as a backdrop to our heartwarming community. General Coffee State Park takes you back to a simpler time with log cabin lodging (pictured above), rural surroundings, and historic structures scattered around the base of a network of trails through Georgia pine forest.


Georgia offers the best incentives for the film industry. Since the state government passed a 30% tax credit for production in Georgia, we have become the #1 film location in the country! For more information on the tax incentives provided in Georgia, click here or see theĀ tax incentive brochure here.